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Posted on Thu, Aug 29, 2013

4 usual Problems When Configuring a Large Volume Processing System

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This post is about biomagnetic separation with a magnetic separation rack, and how to scale-up this process. If you are interested in this topic, download our free ebook The Basic Guide to Scale-up Biomagnetic Separation Processes:

Problems when scaling up

Normally, when companies want to scale up a process, they try to simply use bigger systems. If they do not try to analyze and define the process well, there are four typical problems that they will encounter when attempting to scale up a non-homogeneous biomagnetic separation process. 

  1. Larger batches will not have the same characteristics as smaller lots. Often larger batches will have different bead surface areas activated, more beads that are clumped, and the density of beads in the final volume is different.

  2. When you increase the volume without carefully defining the scale up process, you will have a greater loss of beads and biomolecules. Often you will find a 15-20% loss of material.

  3. In larger volumes irreversible aggregation can be a serious issue, even if it was not an issue in smaller volumes.

  4. Aliquots from the same batch for the individual IVD kits have characteristics that can vary much more than aliquots from smaller batches.

Therefore, it is important to understand the conditions of your process in order to avoid the above problems during scale-up. It is important to note that using a homogeneous biomagnetic separation system will help you avoid the above problems since the parameters are well-defined.

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