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Posted on Fri, Apr 01, 2022

Challenges with your Biomagnetic Separation process?

Visit Sepmag at AACR (booth 1456) and Experimental Biology (booth 1530)

SEPMAG is well known for helping IVD companies to improve, validate and scale up their biomagnetic separation processes. All this know-how on the physics behind the process also benefits researchers and industries in protein purification, cell sorting, and DNA/RNA capture.

Free PDF guide:  "Magnetic Separation Racks for Cell Sorting"

Our Sepmag A, LAB, and Cell apply constant magnetic force to your magnetic beads and nanoparticles, avoiding the problems the decreasing force  vs distance of classical separators generate in the process 

If you are attending Experimental Biology (Plidalephia April 2-5) or AACR (New Orleans, 8-13), visit us at the Scoperta Life Sciences Booth.

CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting with Sepmag at AACR or Experimental Biology! (link to e-mail to :


Free guide: Magnetic bead coatings: Today and Tomorrow

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