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The weakest link in IVD production

In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Immunoassays are some of the most successful life science magnetic bead and particle research applications that have come to market. The demand for such technology in hospitals and laboratories in particular, has grown dramatically.

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The Key to Consistency: Validation of Biomagnetic Separation Processes

It is common knowledge that industries and biotech companies must validate any production process in order to maintain the consistency of their products. In processes that cannot be validated at a high level, lot numbers become very important so that the end user can compare and understand lot to lot variation.

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Validation of Biomagnetic Separation Processes: Summary

Non-homogeneous biomagnetic separation processes are difficult to validate and standardize. The fact that magnetic beads move at different speeds due to the varied magnetic forces in a non-homogeneous environment makes monitoring the production almost impossible.

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