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The 5 Most Used Resuspension Methods: What Works and What Doesn't

Resuspension of the magnetic beads is the key to guaranteeing both in lot and lot to lot consistency of the resulting in vitro diagnostic (IVD) magnetic bead reagents. In order to achieve resuspension of solids with liquids, scientists and technicians in the lab typically use five different general techniques:

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Why is magnetic bead resuspension important?

The problems with magnetic bead suspensions

The major problem with non-colloidal solids suspended in liquids is that they will eventually sediment and clump over time. Magnetic bead suspensions are no exception. Even though magnetic separation is generally gentler than separation by centrifugation, clumps and aggregates can still form. Aggregate formation happens at a much greater frequency if you do not use homogenous biomagnetic separation conditions.

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