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The advanced guide to biomagnetic protein purification

Protein purification is a common and necessary procedure for both research and production processes. While there are some classical and well-tested methods, such as affinity chromatography, some leading life sciences companies have developed techniques and products suitable for purification with biomagnetic separators.

We have asked these companies to share with us their insights in biomagnetic protein purification, and we have prepared this guide with the most interesting ideas and techniques. In this guide you will find innovative ways of understanding protein purification, provided by:

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  • Cube Biotech
  • GE Healthcare
  • ReSyn Biosciences
  • Anteo Diagnostics
  • IKERLAT Polymers
  • Sepmag
  • EMD Millipore
  • Algenex





This is a great opportunity to know where the development of new products for protein purification is currently aiming to.

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