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basic guide for magnetic DNA purification

The Basic Guide for Magnetic DNA Purification

This magnetic DNA purification guide will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the process, familiarize yourself with the tools available, and look forward to future possibilities.
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The Basic Guide for the use of Magnetic Beads in Chemiluminiscent ImmunoAssays (CLIA)

Chemiluminescent Immunoassays (CLIAs) have revolutionized biological and chemical detection. Based on the detection of a protein that glows or emits light in a chemiluminescent reaction, CLIA is a faster assays technique that does not require stop reactions and has short incubation times.
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The Advanced Guide for the use of Magnetic Beads in Chemiluminiscent ImmunoAssays (CLIA)

Developing magnetic bead-based assays, such as Chemiluminescent Immunoassays (CLIA) is not an easy task as there are multiple factors to take into consideration. Parting from a specific biomarker, there is plenty of platforms available, as well as multiple bead coatings and many other choices. All these factors must be considered when designing assays that use streptavidin beads or other types of magnetic bead.
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Magnetic bead coatings: Today and Tomorrow

This ebook intends to summarize the current approaches for magnetic bead coating, as well as the new arising technological solutions that will help to surpass the current technical challenges.
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The basic guide to recombinant protein purification

Proteins are produced in host organisms altogether with other molecules from whom they must be separated in order to obtain a pure and useable extract. The purification process includes lots of factors to take into account, such as choosing the most appropriate technique, protein stability and other properties, and the desired purity grade.
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The advanced guide to biomagnetic protein purification

Protein purification is a common and necessary procedure for both research and production processes. While there are some classical and well-tested methods, such as affinity chromatography, some leading life sciences companies have developed techniques and products suitable for purification with biomagnetic separators.
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The basic guide to magnetic bead cell separation

While there are several methods suitable for cell separation, magnetic bead sorting offers many advantages: it is simple, fast, stable, cost-effective and easily scalable. In order to help you understand magnetic beads cell separation, and to give you an insight of what advantages it can offer, we have prepared this guide.

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Does it matter which magnetic separation rack I use in my cell sorting processes?

Cell sorting is a necessary step in many research and production processes, and it can be achieved with different procedures such as centrifugation, columns or precipitation. Biomagnetic cell separation is a good alternative that has brought many valuable advantages to traditional techniques, raising the attention of most scientists.
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The basic guide for monitoring biomagnetic separation processes

Monitoring Biomagnetic Separation processes helps R&D researchers and engineers to study the subject in a more quantitative aproach by providing them with data to investigate, understand and control the processes. In order to help you understand the benefits of monitoring these processes and the methods to do it, we have prepared this guide.
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Quality Control: Real-time monitoring of biomagnetic separation processes

Monitoring production processes is key in order to ensure quality, especially in IVD-kit manufacturing, where every batch must be validated. In order to help you understand all the advantages of real-time monitoring of biomagnetic separation processes, we have prepared this free guide for you. 
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The basic guide to scale-up biomagnetic separation processes

When biomagnetic particle kits are initially developed, companies work with small volumes. However, as demand increases, the company needs to be able to scale up the process. This scale-up must be done carefully so that large lots are not only internally consistent but as consistent as possible with each other
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The Advanced Guide to Scaling up Biomagnetic Separation Processes

Since IVD companies are highly successful, they need to cope with higher demand for their kits by increasing production. The better way of increasing production is to increase the lot volume, as it allows to maintain labor and QC costs. This guide explains how and why advanced biomagnetic separation systems makes scaling up a straightforward process.
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7 Keys to Successfully Scaling-up Biomagnetic Separation Processes

Initially companies work with small volumes in order to test and optimize a number of variables. However, as demand increases, the company will face the need of scaling-up the processes. This must be done carefully as many challenges arise. We have prepared this guide to help you understand the scaling-up procedure.
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The Basic Guide to Use Biomagnetic Separation in Production Processes

This guide was developed to help one review the key aspects of planning and creating a biomagnetic separation production facility for magnetic bead-based products. This manual further guides the facility toward separating the magnetic bead based products as efficiently, safely and consistently as possible.
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The Advanced Guide to Set Up Biomagnetic Separation Production Processes

This guide will try to explain how the production process involving magnetic beads can be smoothly and efficiently scaled up using advanced biomagnetic separation systems, as opposed to using classic magnetic separators or simple magnets.
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Five critical mistakes when using Biomagnetic Separation in CLIA IVD-kits manufacturing

Over the years, at SEPMAG we have identified 5 recurrent and critical mistakes that delay projects and cause significant economic losses. Because of this, we have compiled these 5 mistakes and prepared the current guide to help you to avoid them.
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The Starting Guide to Validate Biomagnetic Separation Processes

Companies that use magnetic bead kits rarely pay much attention to the consistency from batch to batch of the magnetic separation steps, the measurements of the process or the control steps in the process. This becomes the weakest link in the production chain when attempting to scale up the production of diagnostic kits.
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The Advanced Guide for the Validation of Biomagnetic Separation Processes

Scientists take great pains to make sure that the properties of the magnetic beads, the antibodies and the buffers are standardized and well defined. The magnetic separation process itself should also be controlled such that all of the beads behave the same when the magnetic force is applied.
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The basic guide for resuspending magnetic beads

Biomagnetic separation techniques are becoming increasingly important with a wide range of possible applications in the biosciences. That's why we have prepared: The Basic Guide for Re-Suspending Magnetic Beads.

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