Total control
of your separation process 

  • Control the process
    Our QUALITANCE software & hardware traces every single process and compares it with the defined standard
  • No loss of material
  • Assures scalability
    from ml to tens of litters including custom vessels
  • Avoid aggregation
    Our biomagnetic separation systems generate a constant force over all the working volume, then, all the beads experience the same conditions avoiding aggregation
  • Safe systems on all sizes
    Big magnet can be dangerous. Our systems are designed to operate near computers and avoid risks for the operators

SEPMAG for Production and Large volumes

Separators for Production

Total control and full scalability of your separation process


Glass / borosilicate bottles from 250 ml to 20L

Sepmag N

Plastic (HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC …) bolttles from 250 ml to 20L