Free Download: Quality Control: Real-time monitoring of biomagnetic separation processes

Monitoring production processes is key in order to ensure quality, especially in IVD-kit manufacturing, where every batch must be validated. Moreover, the lot-to-lot consistency is critical to assure consistent results when the reagents are used in the analyzers, so this process requires a lot of attention.

Traditional methods of quality control imply finding a balance between number of quality control points and cost: a single point at the end of the process implies discarding the whole batch in case of inconsistencies, while to many quality control points substancially increases the cost of the product. Because of this, monitoring these processes in real time allows us to detect problems earlier and results in huge savings for the company.

In order to help you understand all the advantages of real-time monitoring of biomagnetic separation processes, we have prepared this free guide for you. In this guide you will learn:


  • The basics of monitoring biomagnetic separation in real time
  • How to parameterize optical monitoring of these processes
  • How to check if magnetic beads clumps are formed during Biomagnetic separation processes
  • The advantages of the SEPMAG® Quality Control Recording (QCR)


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