Cost-Effective Large Scale Biomagnetic Separation Systems | 经济高效的大规模生物磁珠分离系统

Some of the typical problems experienced when a new production system is set up:
  • Larger batches do not have the same characteristics as smaller lots. 
    • 量大的批次与量小的批次产品性能不一致。
  • The amount (%) of magnetic beads and biomolecules losses increase. 
    • 磁珠与生物活性分子损失率上升。
  • Irreversible aggregation becomes a serious issue.
    • 不可逆的磁珠聚集成为严重的问题。
  • Different aliquots of the same batch volume (i.e. single IVD kits) have very different characteristics.
    • 同一批次(如单一体外诊断试剂盒)分装后会造成很大差异。 


Let’s see how to avoid ALL of these problems