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Magnetic bead coatings: Today and Tomorrow

Specific molecules or cells are often captured using the super-paramagnetic properties of functionalized magnetic beads. This technology, which is both used in molecule isolation and IVD reagents, needs the magnetic beads to be coated with a target-specific ligand. The process used to achieve this is the coating of magnetic beads.

Selecting the right coating is key for the success of the project, as the properties of the magnetic particles will have a big impact on the performance of the binding and the manufacturing and/or reproductibility of different batches of the product. Because this is such an important step, we have prepared the guide Magnetic bead coatings: Today and Tomorrow with some of the best experts worldwide on magnetic beads coating. These experts are currently working in the following companies:

3) Chemiluminescence (CLIA)


  • Pragmantic Diagnostics
  • Merck Chimie
  • Novel Biomarkers Catalyst Labs (NBCL)
  • Anteo Diagnostics
  • KODE Biotech
  • Ikerlat Polymers


This ebook intends to summarize the current approaches for magnetic bead coating, as well as the new arising technological solutions that will help to surpass the current technical challenges. 

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