Monitor your biomagnetic
separation process

Change your suspension and monitor the effects


  • Monitor in real time
    Our MONITOR software & hardware measures the suspension optical changes, displaying its behavior and comparing different compositions.
  • Well defined magnetic separation condition
    Applying a well defined magnetic force over all the sample means variations are only related to suspension characteristics (particles, buffer, ...)
  • Full scalability
    Its well defined separation conditions guarantee a direct transfer to production or larger volumes. Just use a bigger vessel and Sepmag separator.
  • Safe system
    Big magnet can be dangerous. Our systems are designed to operate near computers and avoid risks for the operators.


Systems for R&D and small volumes

For separation at flexible volumes with full monitoring of the process

Change your suspension and monitor the effects

Sepgmag LAB and Sepmag A scale-up systems take advantage of the reproducible Sepmag technology in which magnetophoretical conditions anywhere inside the system ring are homogeneous. End-users often need to work with a wide range of volumes, starting with small tubes and increasing sample size when processes are optimized or simply when sample volumes vary.

End-users can start working with 1.5, 10 and 50 ml tubes and further scale up to 400ml. A standard holder for a variety of tube sizes is provided with each system, but customizable adaptors can be supplied to suit end-user's requirements.

Monitor the process in real time with Monitor system: all our separators have Monitor Software & hardware measuring the suspension optical changes, displaying its behaviour and comparing different compositions.

Sepmag LAB

Small tubes with different geometries using MLAB adaptors.

Sepmag A

Small tubes using MA adaptors and bottles up to 500ml. For scaling up experiments, process validations, or even small batch productions.