We are happy to announce the release of version 3.2 for both our R&D (MONITOR) and Production (QUALITANCE) software.

It is FREE for all our customers! You just need to introduce your e-mail address.

What did we improve?

The new algorithm offers an enriched fitting, is faster, and more robust. Noisy data are filtered to facilitate the convergence and a better adjustment of the curve is enabled.

What is your current configuration?

  • Are you using a version 2.x? You can download the new version here below, on the same computer where the last version was installed:
    • MONITOR (R&D software - SEPMAG® LAB and SEPMAG® A):
      Click here to Download the  upgrade for R&D
    • QUALITANCE (Production software - SEPMAG® A, SEPMAG® Q, and SEPMAG® N):

Click here to download the  upgrade for production
  • Are you using a version older than 2.x, or do you need to install the software on a new PC?
We look forward to hearing your feedback soon!
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