Sepmag N

For large volume plastic bottles for a consistent separation process

Production departments
need an efficient and economical process to produce batches of several liters, with sufficient throughputs to meet demand and prevent particle loss. SEPMAG® N is a biomagnetic separation technology specifically developed to process large batch volumes in nucleic acid separation, protein purification, cell isolation, biocatalysts, therapeutics and diagnostics.

The SEPMAG® N series incorporates the QUALITANCE system, enabling operators to monitor the entire magnetic separation process. Problems with bead size, distribution, concentration or buffer conditions can be detected early on so immediate corrective actions can be taken, rather than having to wait for QC is hours, days or weeks later.

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Eliminate assay variability

Homogeneity, consistency and reproducibility.

Highest recovery of biomolecules and beads

Minimal material loss.

No re-suspension problems

Minimum aggregation.

Easy scale-up

No process re-engineering and no need to revalidate.

Quality Assurance

Monitor and record separation process.

Easy validation

Safe operation

No maintenance and operating costs.



  • Production of IVD kits
  • Challenging separations
  • Large-scale biomolecule separation
  • Cell Capture
  Dimensions and weight Caution distances
MODEL Ø int (mm) Ø ext (mm) H (mm) Weight (Kg) Ø (mm) H (mm)
N250ml 70 174 105 7 305 288
N500ml 80 176  147  11 338  313 
N1L  98 206   147 14  435   340
N2L  125  286 201   43  504 580 
N5L 165  331   245  67    
N10L 255   530 270   185 1070  960 

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