Sepmag LAB

Small tubes with different geometries using MLAB adaptors

Magnetic separation makes it possible to substitute filtration, centrifugation and separation techniques with a
quick, efficient and clean process. At laboratory scale, SEPMAG® proprietary technology generates homogeneous magnetic force patterns at their large volume bore, with minimum stray fields. This approach results in no aggregation issues, works with well defined magnetic separation conditions, and has the ability to handle different volumes.

For volumes from 1 to 50 ml, the SEPMAG® LAB series offers a combination of a strong separation force and easy re-suspension, which is especially suited to viscous media and/or small magnetic beads/particles.

Processes are monitored and recorded using the MONITOR hardware and software, which enables the operator to explore the effects of bead size, concentration or buffer conditions on the separation time.

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Explore, monitor and obtain data of your process

Easy comparison between processes and runs

Full recovery of material

Easy scalability

Work with viscous liquids and small particles




  • Development of Immunoassays
  • DNA and RNA extraction
  • Immuno and molecular diagnostics
  • Cell isolation
  • Protein purification
  • Magnetic beads characterization



  • MLAB210: 2 x 2 ml centrifuge tubes, 1x 15 ml centrifuge tube.
  • MLAB001: 1x 50 ml centrifuge tube
  • Customized Adaptors
  Dimensions and weight Caution distances
MODEL Ø int (mm) LxW (mm) H (mm) Weight (Kg) Ø (mm) H (mm)
LAB 44 137/90 52 0.9 164 167
 LAB L  44  137/90 92  1.5   164 210 

Separators for R&D

Change your suspension and monitor the effects