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Posted on Fri, Nov 15, 2013

Will IKERLAT superparamagnetic latex microspheres work with Sepmag® Systems?

When new magnetic beads reach the market, one of the questions users have is, how well will it separate?

Free guide: The basic guide to scale-up biomagnetic separation processes

As Sepmag® systems have proved optimal performance with commercial magnetic beads, leading IVD companies worldwide have adopted the technology to substitute the obsolete magnetic separation rack.

IKERLAT did a smart move: when they was planning to develop their own magnetic beads product line, decided to incorporate Sepmag® technology from the early R&D steps. Being also an early adopter of the QCR monitoring system, they were able to test how changes on the bead properties affected their separation behavior. Having different volumes Sepmag®Q devices, they don’t loss anytime on re-engineering the process when they need to scale up. They only need to move the production to a larger Sepmag®Q system.

For their customers, this approach has a clear benefit: they know the IKERLAT magnetic beads will be easily separated (for example on the washing steps after coating) regardless the size of the batch. And if in the future production ramps, just acquiring a larger Sepmag device will be enough to scale up the process. IKERLAT experience using Sepmag® systems have qualified them as one of the lead-users with whom we have closely cooperate to develop the new software for monitoring and managing Biomagnetic separation processes, the QCRv2.

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If you are interested in seeing how the combination of AJ-MAG latex microspheres works with a Sepmag® Q100ml you may visit IKERLAT booth in MEDICA 2013 (Hall 03/J17). If you also want to have a look on the monitoring system, including the new QCRv2 software, send us an e-mail to We will be delighted to talk to you and show you how our technology can help you in develop, validate or scale up your magnetic bead separation processes.

If you would like to learn more on Biomagnetic Separation Processes, please visit Sepmag's website for free eBooks and technical Posts on the subject.

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