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Posted on Thu, Oct 01, 2015

Collaboration with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Part 1

Sepmag is yet again reaching new audiences by publishing the first of a two-article series about biomagnetic separation.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturingis a publication dedicated to improving communication between experts and leaders in the drug industry. The main focus of the publication is to decrease wasted time and materials during the manufacturing process. The publication is committed to sharing ideas among leaders in the field about how to most efficiently scale up processes while maintaining quality and compliance with regulatory organizations.

The article, written by Lluis M. Martinez, PhD. CSO, SEPMAG, focuses on the challenges that he and his team faced when they first attempted to scale up the biomagnetic separation process. In their first attempt, they tried to move from the milliliter scale up to the liter scale, and it didn’t work as they expected. The article discusses their strategy for finding a solution to the problem and their path to creating a product for large-batch biomagnetic separation.

The article can be found here and be sure to keep an eye out for the second part that will be published soon in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

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