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Posted on Tue, Mar 28, 2023

Did you miss our invited talk at the Merck IVD Conference2023?

If you couldn’t attend our presentation ‘Developing protocols involving magnetic beads in manufacturing processes. What do we overlook?’, you have the opportunity to access it in Webinar format.

Last March 21-22, 2023, the 2023 Two-Day IVD Conference took place in Rome, Italy. 16 different speakers from around the Globe provided insights on design, critical raw materials selection & sourcing, analytical controls, magnetic separation technology, risk mitigation, and changing IVD regulations. Our CSO, Dr. Lluis Martínez, focused his talk on the usually overlooked steps of the manufacturing protocols involving magnetic beads. As opposed to the bead surface chemistry, sample volume and concentration, wash buffer, and elution conditions dealing with Quality Control, Scale-up, Cost, Safety and Standardization of the magnet strength is not part of the know-how of the involved team. As we are aware that many of you have not been able to be in Rome but you may be interested in the subject, we have recorded a Webinar version of the presentation and
made it available at this link.

With this format, we can’t answer your questions live, but you may contact us for further discussion and/or book a confidential meeting at


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