Posted on Tue, Jul 26, 2022

New e-book! How to master your biomagnetic separation processes

We are glad to announce the publication of a new e-book! Discover how you can take full advantage of this quick, efficient, and versatile technology.

Beyond IVD kit production, there is an increasing demand for biomagnetic separation technology in both biotech and IVD industries. Growing demand for this technology means that many researchers are now working with larger batches. Suddenly, users find that their simple, efficient R&D processes are not behaving the same way when scaling up. 

The key to scaling up is understanding how to characterize and validate the process. Correctly defining the biomagnetic separation conditions allows researchers to specify the magnetic force needed for each application. Production engineers then have access to key process parameters required to shift to a larger volume. 

In this e-book, we explain why magnetic force is the key parameter for biomagnetic separation processes, and why it matters. Discover how you can guarantee a consistent process, regardless of the volume, and how monitoring the separation process provides a powerful tool for both quality control and R&D. 

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